15 of the Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds (Updated 2024)

Discover the best jobs for 16 year olds that do not require full-time education, or to attend college or university.

Further education, college and university do provide positive career paths and can provide great options for future careers, however this is not always the preferred route for everyone. In this article we are going to explore the best jobs for 16 year olds, and in doing so explore possible career salary expectations, experience that can be gained from some roles and the available schemes that can support employment for the jobs for 16 year olds.

Experience and qualifications, usually gained in further education, are things nearly every employer asks for when screening applicants for a job. The problem is that when you’re 16 years old and need to earn some money, it’s pretty unlikely that you have either of these because you have not yet had a chance to go through the further education system. 

Indeed, getting a job as a 16 year old can seem like an impossible conundrum. However, the good news is that some job roles can work well for 16 year olds because they do not require any further education. You can find out about 15 of the best of them below, as well as schemes that can help you get one of these jobs, and what the government rules are on working and studying at the same time.

Some of the best jobs for 16 year olds in this list are some of the best self employed ideas, allowing you to start your business at an early age of just 16. These can present and become some of the highest paying jobs in the UK and you can start your career in these jobs without a degree. Just keep reading to find out more. 

16 Year Olds Jobs That Don’t Require Further Education

There are lots of careers and jobs for 16 year olds that don’t require further education, college or a degree. Although the number of school leavers at 16 years old is relatively low, there are still lots of positive, rewarding and successful career paths that can be forged from a young age. 

Some 16 year olds will choose to leave school and begin a career and others may even look for a job as a part-time income or a side hustle round about further education. All of our jobs for 16 year olds that we explore in this article can be pursued as a full-time career or a side hustle to further education.

Obviously all of the jobs for 16 years olds will provide a finance income and for a 16 year old as they begin to see more of the world and start to be more independent, teenagers will need finances to experience this. Additionally, getting work experience early on can be great for building confidence, and soft skills such as how to interact with people. Not to mention that it can help young people get a good idea of what they would and wouldn’t like to spend the rest of their careers doing. 

The 15 Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds That Don’t Require Further Education

The good news is there is a wide range of jobs for 16 year olds can get without further education. 15 of the best jobs for 16 year olds are detailed below along with their average salaries or wage, and the highest possible salaries or wage. 

Personal Trainer

Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds Level 3 Personal Trainer with client

The career choice of how to become a personal trainer is concerned with supporting, improving and enhancing client’s fitness goals, and creating training programs that will help them meet these goals. In this way, it can be extremely rewarding as you are helping people improve the quality of their health, their lives and overall wellness.

It is important to note that personal trainers will be expected to be at a good level of fitness so they can show clients how to perform certain exercises and offer them tips on things like nutrition. 

You’ll need to get on with people well and be able to encourage them even when they are struggling as a personal trainer. Therefore great communication is important along with many other skills like marketing personal trainer business skills and good business housekeeping.

Check out our internationally accredited Level 3 Personal Training Courses where we have affordable finance plans at 0% internet through our finance partners at Klarna available.

You can choose to study in person with a face to face course, like our London Personal Trainer Courses, or you can study online with complete flexibility, no deadlines and uncapped tutor support. When you are looking at career options you may want to calculate and assess how much personal trainers make – to do this you will want to start by calculating the session cost by the number of sessions per week.

Marketing Roles Such As Social Media Intern

  • Average Salary in 2023 – £11.79 per hour  Source –Talent.com 
  • Highest Salary – £17.95

With social media being such a thriving industry, choosing a role in this field makes sense for any 16-year-old wanting to get a head start on their future career. Social media interns will complete tasks such as writing posts, and captions, finding images, and responding to posts. They will also be expected to support the rest of their team in any admin work that is required. 

However, it is worth noting that social media intern positions are much sought after in today’s market. With this in mind, those of a younger age (16-18) and with less previous experience may be expected to either take a greatly reduced wage or even volunteer for free to gain experience that can help them secure a paid post. This is something you will need to consider carefully in terms of what the benefits and downsides are for your situation. 

Customer Service Roles

Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds Call Centre Jobs

Customer service roles involved being the first point of call for company clients when they have a problem. The goal of the customer service representative is to deal with complaints and queries calmly and helpfully, document the information given, and refer them on to any other department that might help. A customer service role could be in a call centre or is could be in any sector, like retail for example. 

A customer service role, whether its in retail, a call centre or in a customer facing store of any kind is a popular work for 16 year olds option. Its often a part-time job role for 16 year olds or an after school jobs for 16 year olds can be picked up in evenings or weekends. 

Sports Massage Therapist

Accredited sports massage course jobs for 16 years olds

  • Average Salary – £30,000. Source Payscale
  • Highest Salary – Unlimited. Similar running your own personal training business can have unlimited potential.

Becoming a sports massage therapist can be an incredibly gratifying career. As a sports massage therapist prime your concern will be working with a range of people like, gym users, sports people and athletes who would like support with a sports massage and postural assessment. If you are qualified with a Level 4 Sports Massage Course you can further support and extend your practice to provide consultations, assessments and sports massage to individuals carrying injuries too. The aim will be support rehabilitation through massage, corrective postural advice and repeat sessions.

Your first step to becoming a sports massage therapist is to gain a Level 3 sports massage course qualification. This is a good opportunity to create part-time or weekend extra income and could become an after school job too, making it one of the best jobs for 16 year olds.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Course Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds

  • Average Salary – £29,000. Source – Glassdoor and The Fitness Group.
  • Highest Salary – Unlimited. Similar running your own personal training business can have unlimited potential.

The role of a strength and conditioning coach is to supply coaching to athletes and sports people that is designed to boost their performance. This coaching can be in several areas including endurance, speed, and strength. Strength and conditioning coaches may work with teams or clubs or they may work with individual clients. 

The first step on how to become a strength and conditioning coach will be to gain your Level 2 qualification with our internationally accredited Level 2 Fitness Instructor course. There is no requirement to complete a Level 1 Personal Training Course. You start at Level 2, this is entry level.

Beyond Level 2 Gym instructor you can progress your studies to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer, or you could move straight to our Strength and Conditioning course with our Level 4 personal training course. For this pathway you can move directly from Level 2 Gym Instructor to Level 4 Strength and Conditioning, however most of graduates choose to complete Level 3 before moving on to complete Level 4 to allow them to offer one to one personal training services too.

Becoming a strength and conditioning coach has unlimited potential and is another example of one of the best jobs for 16 year olds, especially for young athletes to develop into a career pathway.

Supermarket Assistant

There are many tasks that a supermarket assistant may be required to do from working the tills to rotating stock, and stacking shelves. You may also be asked to pick items for online orders. Supermarkets in particular can be a great choice for younger workers as they usually have a good infrastructure set up to make sure they adhere to the proper regulations. 

As a supermarket assistant you can work at the till, stocking shelves or at one of the various counters in the supermarket. This is one of the most popular jobs for 16 year olds and also one of the best jobs for 16 year olds. It provides young people a great opportunity to support the community and people of all ages and experiences. This can be one of the jobs for 16 year olds that can a great part-time job or one that starts off a new career.

Coffee Shop Assistant

Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds - Coffee Shop Assistant

  • Average Salary in 2023 – 22,425 – Talent.com
  • Highest Salary- £27,091 

Coffee shop assistant is a popular choice for younger people as it offers hours that suit such as weekends, and after school. There is also the possibility of tips from happy customers which can increase any basic wage you get. 

Duties for a coffee shop assistant will include making speciality drinks, handling money, adhering to hygiene regulations, and some minimal food preparation usually in the form of things like cakes and sandwiches. 

A coffee shop assistant or a barista is a very popular job for 16 year olds and could be regarded as one of the best jobs for 16 year olds. Similar to the supermarket role and many of the job roles in this list it provides a great opportunity to network, communicate and support members of the public. Its will give exposure to dealing with people of all ages and backgrounds to the young person.

Hotel Staff – Reception Staff or Housekeeper

  • Average Salary in 2023 – ££12.41per hour – Jooble.org
  • Highest Salary- £14.49 per hour 

Hotel housekeepers are workers that ensure a hotel can operate. Many housekeepers will be tasked with cleaning rooms, which will include changing beds, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning ensuite bathrooms. Other housekeeping tasks can include taking guest luggage up to rooms or collecting laundry or room service trays. 

There are lots of employment opportunities to work in hotel’s, especially round about cities where there are a high density of hotels. Check out job post websites and hotel chains to check for employment options. This is one of the best paid jobs for 16 year olds, providing a secure and stable income and often with a mix of daytime and evening work.


jobs for 16 year olds as a lifeguard

  • Average Salary in 2023 – £11.20 per hour- Talent.com
  • Highest Salary- £15-£16 per hour – Depending on organisation or local authority where the employed role is held. 

Lifeguarding tends to be a popular role for teenagers, especially if they are interested in working with children in the future. Of course, a lifeguard’s role is to look after everyone that uses the pool ensuring their safety, and that the rules are followed. Lifeguards must be strong swimmers and be willing to go through the required training to allow them to practice. 

This is another great option in the leisure, health and fitness industry that is a suitable job for a 16 year old. Usually the salary is a little higher than a retail role and if the 16 year old has a passion for swimming and has strong experience then this could be one of the best jobs for 16 years olds.

There is a lifeguard qualification and emergency first aid qualification that will need to be held to hold this role.

Working in a Cinema

Best Paid Jobs for 16 year olds working in a cinema

  • Average Salary in 2023 – £14.64- Jooble.org
  • Highest Salary- £14.93 per hour

If you are a young person who loves movies and live performances then becoming a job in a cinema may just be the perfect role. Not least because in some theatres attendants will be given free entry to the features they are showing. 

However, there is more to working in a Cinema than watching performances as you will also need to work hard to keep the space clean, help people to their seats, take people’s tickets, and help meet the needs of theatre-goers with access or other special needs. 

Check out the big Cinema chains like Vue, Cineworld and Odeon for employment opportunities near your nearest city in the UK. If you love movies then this could be one of the best paid jobs for 16 year olds that is relevant for you to combine your passion of movies with some additional income.


  • Average Salary in 2023 –£14.00 per hour – Talent.com
  • Highest Salary- £21.88 per hour 

Reliable and trustworthy babysitters will always be in need. Babysitting is also a role that will usually fit very well around your studies because it tends to be in the evenings or at weekends. To find work, begin by asking your friends’ parents and once you have proven yourself you may be able to expect regular requests for your services. 

Car Wash Attendant

  • Average Salary in 2023 –£10.62 per hour – Indeed.com
  • Highest Salary- £12.06 per hour 

If there is nothing you love better than experiencing the satisfaction of giving things a good clean, becoming a car wash attendant may be just the role for you. Indeed, many hand car wash businesses all over the country may be looking for workers. The advantage of these is that the customers will find you. 

However, you can also make some good money by taking the initiative and finding customers yourself. Again if you start with your friends, parents, as well as your neighbours you could be up a regular clientele that will keep a consistent wage coming in.

Dog Walker

Jobs for 16 Year Olds as a dog walker.

  • Average Salary in 2023 – £10.11 per hour – Payscale.com
  • Highest Salary- £15 per hour 

With so many people doing long days at work, the need for dog walkers and pet sitters has greatly increased. After all, it’s not fair to let a pet go for hours without any exercise or being able to go to the toilet. 

Various websites allow you to offer your services as a dog walker, but building your business up by word of mouth is probably best. Remember to make a feature of the fact that you are available once education ends around 3 pm every day, as well as in the holidays as these tend to be the times in which dog walkers are most needed. 


  • Average Salary in 2023 – £5.28 per hour – Checkatrade.com
  • Highest Salary- £45.38 per hour

No qualifications are needed to work as a gardener as a young person, especially when it comes to seasonal work which is most prevalent in the summer holidays. You can expect to do a physically hard job working as a gardener with lots of tasks that require plenty of strength and endurance such as weeding, mowing lawns, pruning shrubs and trees as well as rotating soil. 

This job is one of the best jobs for 16 year olds as not only does it provide a paid income but it also gets the young person outdoors and amongst nature, great for mental health and wellbeing.


Blogger is one of the best jobs for 16 year olds.

  • Average Salary in 2023 – £11.45 – Indeed.com
  • Highest Salary- £17.02 an hour 

To be a blogger all you need is to start up a website and start writing about the topics that interest you. However, to monetise blogging, especially if you are a younger person things are a bit more complicated than that. This is because bloggers earn their money in several ways including sponsorship deals, selling advertising space, and being paid to host promotional content. 

The good news is that younger people can do very well in niches such as fashion and beauty because many of the products they will talk most about are aimed at their age range. 

Starting your own blog, or creating content for a blog, is one of the best jobs for 16 year olds if you are a keen writer. You can really put our passion to work and have fun writing about your favourite subjects and topics and get paid for it too!

Best Jobs for 16 Year Olds and Education In The UK 

In the UK it used to be that 16-year-olds could leave school and get a full-time job. However, this is no longer the case. Instead until the age of 18, all young people are expected to be in some type of official education or training such as A-Levels, T-Levels, or as an intern or apprentice. All options that will be discussed in more detail below. 

It is worth noting that legally you can leave school on the final Friday in June, as long as you will be 16 by the end of the summer break. However, you will be expected to be in official training or education by September of the same year. Options that meet these requirements include: 

  • Full-time education A- Levels or T-Levels
  • Apprenticeships 
  • Work or volunteer for 20+ hours a week and do education or training part-time. 

Available Schemes That Support Securing the Best Jobs For 16 Year Olds

Now you know about the rules concerning work and education for 16-year-olds, we can take a look at the schemes there are that can help you secure such a role. 


The first of these schemes is known as an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship placement is available from when you are 16 years old, and it includes working while doing on-the-job training at the same time. 

An apprenticeship is a great option for someone who is looking to get out of the school environment, earn some money, and get some training and qualifications that will enable them to hit the ground running in their career. 

You can choose an apprenticeship across a wide range of businesses, and industries as well including just about everything from Business, to engineering, to health care. You can even extend your apprenticeship so you’ll achieve a degree or master’s level qualification over time, so there are excellent prospects for advancement. 

Low Finance Options For Accredited Qualifications 

To get into some industries such as personal training as a 16-year-old the best option is to do an accredited qualification such as a Level 2 Gym Instructor course, a Level 3 Ultimate Personal Training Specialist Bundle or even a Level 3 Industry Leading Gym & Personal Training Diploma. The latter gives you everything you need to become a CIMSPA recognised Personal Trainer. 

The great thing about doing such a qualification is that if you choose the right provider like the Fitness Group you can begin such a course for only £27 per month at 0% APR, which is very affordable for younger students. Oh, and there’s a money-back guarantee that means you can try the course for a month, risk-free and see how you get on! 

The finance options at The Fitness Group support three of the fifteen best jobs for 16 year olds in this list.


Another great option for 16-year-olds in education who want to work is internships. Internships or supported internships as they are also known are designed to help people 16 to 24 years of age to develop the confidence, and skills they need to meet their long-term career goals. 

Supported internships typically last around a year. They also include up to 6 months of work placement, and throughout the process, you will be supported by a qualified coach who can help you with your specific needs. 

Street League

For those aged 16-24 and not currently in education charities like Street League can help through their Sport and Employability Academy. This academy aims to provide young people with qualifications, work experience, training, education and apprenticeships, while also working on their sports skills and fitness.  If you are 16 years old, looking for support a job and your first career then Street League could be a good option to support you find one of the best jobs for 16 year olds.

Shaw Trust

Another charity that can help young people secure work and educational placements is the Shaw Trust. Their Learning and Skills Programme designed for 16-24 year-olds offers a mix of short courses, traineeships, and apprenticeships intending to boost confidence. 

In particular, their Skills Start Traineeships, paid at £40 per week, are specially devised for 16-19-year-olds to provide a valuable step for anyone looking to find a more permanent job or apprenticeship. 

T-Levels Industry Placements

T-Levels are a relatively new development in post-16 qualifications. They replace the NVQs as the vocational qualification of choice, with a single T-Level taking two years, and being the equivalent to 3 A-Levels in UCAS points. However, unlike A-Levels T-Levels are designed to offer a combination of both education and work in an 80% to 20% split. 

Currently, there are 16 T-Levels that you can choose from including Building Services Engineering for Construction, Agriculture, Land Management and Production and even Media, Broadcast and Production (September 2024 onwards) with more being added all the time. 

Key Takeaways 

Jobs for 16 Year OIds as a PT

  • There are a range of reasons 16 year olds may need to earn their own money.
  • 16 year olds may feel as if it’s a struggle to get a job because they have not been through further education. 
  • There are many jobs for 16 year olds suitable that do not require further education including coffee shop assistant, lifeguard, becoming a personal trainer, a sports massage therapist or a blogger. 
  • Several schemes can help young people secure a job such as Apprenticeships, Internships, and T-Levels.
  • Young people also have the option of choosing low-finance accredited training schemes which will improve their prospects of getting the job they want. For example, here at The Fitness Group we have low finance options available.
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