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Guide to Becoming a Spin Instructor

Spin is a phenomenon. Clients love the high octane, muscle-pumping workout that a good Spin class can deliver. And it’s no great surprise, as Spin has many benefits, ensuring it remains a tried and tested staple of gyms up and down the UK. Not only that, it’s fun to hit new highs of achievement with your fellow Spin buddies.

But you already know this. That’s because you are already extremely passionate about fitness, health clubs, and especially Spin. At the same time, you’d also love to teach students in a communal, supportive environment. So, how do you become the ideal candidate to fill the shoes of an inspiring instructor? And what are some of the key things you need to be aware of to get that dream fitness job?

Well, look no further. This practical guide on finding a new job as a Spin Instructor is for you!

Things Every Budding Spin Instructor Should Know About Indoor Cycling Classes

  • Your love of heart-thumping, energising music will be critical in leading your class through an intensive session. Many instructors regard their ability to DJ and create a great beat as the most essential part of their role.
  • Be ready for early class starts, lots of clothing changes, spending energy and sweat. Yep — being a Spin Instructor is hard work. But then again, nothing worth working for is easy, right?
  • If you love being part of a close, supportive team, then this is the role for you. Spin class buddies go through an intensive and often life-changing experience together. Some of the best and most reputable gyms have loyal clients that keep returning for years. And often, their inspiring Spin Instructor is one of the main reasons they return again and again. YOU could be the person who makes that difference to someone.

What Kind of Salary Can a Spin Instructor Expect?

Qualified and experienced fitness instructors can earn a good living in the UK, with the potential to earn over £36K. Not too shabby for doing something you love! 

That all Sounds Great! So What Are the Next Steps?

You need to be qualified to be considered for employment by a reputable gym or fitness centre to start teaching your own classes.

We explore Spin Instructor certification in the second part of this article.

How Do I Qualify to Become a Spin Instructor?

Many training options are available for anyone wishing to qualify as a fitness instructor and lead their own group classes. A simple Google search of “Become a Spin Instructor” will reveal various options and training providers, including The Level 2 Award in Studio Cycling by The Fitness Group. 

Which Indoor Cycling Course Provider Should I Trust?

Whichever fitness education provider you choose, ensure they maintain high industry standards and are members of a respected professional body, such as CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). Selecting a reputable training provider for your learning journey gives you a solid platform to find great instructor jobs.

What Are the Fitness Industry Qualifications a Spin Instructor Needs?

The Level 2 Award in Studio Cycling is an excellent spin instructor course accredited by Active IQ and a great way to equip yourself with the skills needed to lead group indoor cycling classes effectively.

It is important to note that good training centres will have training programme entry requirements, such as holding an existing Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification before starting the Studio Cycling award.

The Fitness Group is a first-class choice for your studies. We specialise in providing the Level 2 Studio Cycling Award and pride ourselves in delivering a complete package of both live and online training accessible to everyone.


Are you looking to take your fitness enthusiasm to the next level, become an instructor and make a career of it? At The Fitness Group, we help exercise professionals find careers as personal trainers, indoor cycling instructors, sports nutritionists and massage therapists in the fitness industry. We help you gain the confidence, qualifications and all

the skills you need to embrace an active career that works for you — a new career that offers support, flexibility, great earning potential and work-life balance. 

Get in touch with The Fitness Group today for more information about our Spinning Instructor Course and receive an exclusive £25 course discount.

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