5 Reasons to Become a Personal Trainer

Guide to Starting a Personal Training Business

Now is the time more than ever to become a personal trainer. The Personal Training demand in the fitness industry has been booming for several years now and it shows no signs of slowing down. Even during the recent Covid-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, the industry continued to boom and more and more people were looking to switch careers to become a personal trainer.

Gym users and people who want to improve their health and fitness are now reaching out for professional coach led Personal Trainer support to help them reach their personal fitness and health goals. Whether that is with clients outdoors, supporting them online or getting back into the gyms.

Lots of our Personal Trainers successfully pivoted their business during the pandemic to offer online coaching, outdoor training and this has grown awareness among clients that there is more options to get great coaching from a Personal Trainer outwith only face to face sessions.

So if you are active and passionate about fitness then we have compiled 5 of the main reasons why you should think about pursuing a career as a Personal Trainer.

Change Lives and Help People Achieve their Goals

Easily the most rewarding part of the job, getting to help people make positive changes in their life, whether that is body composition changes, mental health improvements or relationships with food among others, helping and educating people on health and fitness can result in amazing transformations that really make a massive impact in people’s life’s. It is unbelievably rewarding as a personal trainer, knowing your knowledge and support has transformed the lives of others – physically and mentally.

Be Your Own Boss (choose your own hours)

Another great reason to become a personal trainer is as a self employed PT, you are in charge of what hours you are open for business, and what you charge per hour. This gives you the freedom to work around your lifestyle or other goals you have, such as your own training.

Limitless Earnings

As mentioned before, being in control of your own finances and product price, the only thing limiting your earnings is time in the day, and the generating of clients. At most gyms, self employed Personal Trainers take home 100% of their earnings, meaning you can build towards the work life balance that you personally want to achieve. With the increase in demand, you could earn a very good income from becoming a personal trainer. The more you put in, the more you will be able to get out of it.

Do Something you Love

How many of us have been stuck in a job we have no interest or passion for? If health and fitness is something you take interest in and enjoy, it can be a great career where you can do something that you actually love, and working every day in a gym may not feel so much like work at all! No day is the same when you are a personal trainer working with different clients on a daily basis. Each client has different needs and it is your role to create new programmes daily which help clients achieve their goals.

Build a Business

Start small and watch yourself grow! Business skills are extremely transferable and are so important to life as a Personal Trainer as you are in total control, this can mean you can shape and build the business that you want! When you become a personal trainer with The Fitness Group we provide our students with CPD (continuing professional development) courses which enables them to offer a wider variety of services to a larger pool of clients. For example, how to become an online trainer, business and marketing etc.

Every couple of months The Fitness Group, we host careers days for our students to discover employment opportunities and business tips which enable them to set up their personal training career.

If you want to hear more from our current and previous personal training students then head over to our The Fitness Group Instagram to hear more about why they became a personal trainer or check out our 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot!

For more information on our courses, head over to our Personal Training Courses page  or get in touch via email info@thefitnessgrp.co.uk

We look forward to working with you!

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