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IMPROVING YOUR 5K ??‍♂️ ??‍♀️

With the 5k challenge being a current trend on social media, and without access to the gym, many of us are increasing our cardio and looking to improve our run times! How can you go about improving your 5k time and cutting minutes off your time?

??Vary training style: Running 5k is all about aerobic capacity and  speed, so training ways to improve these can directly decrease your 5k run time. Ways to do this can be incorporating shorter interval runs, such as 10 x 200m bursts, or 10 1-min intervals with short recoveries to help your body adapt to running at a faster pace.

?Vary distances: You do not always need to run a 5k. Varying distances between 2 or 3k and 10k can help train your body to improve both speed + aerobic capacity. If you combine both of these then you will naturally improve your 5k time.

??‍♂️Train your muscles for speed and endurance: increasing rep ranges and working on explosive lower body exercises for the glutes, quads and hamstrings can directly improve your running speed and help your endurance

?Change routes: varying routes can offer different inclines and difficulties as well as keeping you from becoming mentally bored!

?Preparation: warming up properly, ensuring you are hydrating before + after running is key in improving your 5k time. In additional, it is vital to make sure you’ have enough fuel into your body before exercising. To give you fuel, carbs and fats are your best friend and should be your main fuel source. It’s important to have enough to power you through your run and a major step in improving your 5k time.

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Good luck improving your 5k time!

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