15 Best Sports Related Jobs

Sports related jobs are a perfect career choice for someone who is currently involved in professional sport, is a athlete or whether you’re a sports enthusiast. By following a career that leads to sports related jobs you can achieve the ultimate aim in securing a job that you love.

Careers in Sport and Fitness – 15 Leading Sports Related Jobs.

If you are an athlete or if sports have been a huge part of your life for as long as you can remember -then the switch of career to find a sports related job could be the best move you have ever made. So what sports related jobs can you do involving sport?

As it turns out, there are plenty of sports-related jobs for pro athletes or sports fans. From graduating from one of our Level 3 personal trainer courses as an accredited PT to journalists – and so many more – here’s our list of all the best sports related jobs that you could start today as a side hustle or as a new.careers in sport and fitness.

Personal Trainer as a Sports Related Job where you can build your own business.

Sports Related Jobs we are the official partner of the English PFA

Average Salary: £31,039 Source: Talent

Highest Salary: Unlimited! Check out our guide on how much personal trainers make.

If you love sports, or you are a professional athlete then becoming a personal trainer is perfect for you. As an accredited personal trainer you can build a career that charts as one of the best paying jobs with no degree. This career can have unlimited earning by creating your own business.

You can grow your business to offer a selection of services to create multiple revenue streams.

Some of these includes things like

  • In person Personal Training, charging an average of £50 per hour.
  • Group Personal Training
  • Online personal trainer packages all over the UK
  • Online PT packages all over the world
  • You could open your own gym or you could develop your career to become a strength and conditioning coach and work with professional sports teams as a strength and conditioning coach.

We at The Fitness Group work with many professional and semi professional athletes to transition their career to sports related jobs and becoming a personal trainer is one of the top choices. We are the preferred partner of the English PFA, the Scottish PFA, Football League Education, Sport England Scottish Squash and many other sporting organisations.

 To begin your journey to qualify for your career in sport and fitness as a personal trainer you will begin with a Level 2 Gym Instructor Course. This is the entry requirements, there are no Level 1 Personal Training Courses.

You will then move on to study our industry leading Level 3 Personal Training Courses. You do not need to study Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training separately, both can be studied with our combined Level 3 Gym and Personal Training Diploma course.

The salary potential is unlimited as you decide your rates and can get as many clients as you can handle. With a range of great CPD courses, you can add to your skills and provide even more services as a world-class PT! 

We provide a choice of study options so you can choose between face-to-face training and you can attend one of our UK venues, like our London Personal Trainer Course, our Manchester Personal Training Courses or our Glasgow Personal Training Courses.

However, you can also study online for complete flexibility. A large number of sport lovers and athletes come to us to look for a sport related job whilst still in full time employment and the online study option is perfect to support you around other commitments.

If becoming a personal trainer is a sports related job that you want to chat more about for your career, just get in touch with us and we can arrange a call.

Broadcast Journalist as a Sports Related Job with a high salary potential.

sports related jobs as a pundit

Average Salary: £35,000 Source: Glassdoor

Highest Salary: £80,000+ Source: Prospects

Loads of professional sports personalities go into broadcast journalism.

Whether it’s on the TV as a sports pundit or supporting with online publications, this is one of the obvious sports related jobs that come to mind when thinking about a career in sport. It’s the ideal job to share your analytical skills and watch the sport you love.

Anyone can technically be a broadcast journalist – no qualifications are essential, though a degree in some form of journalistic capacity may help. 

It’s also a good idea to start small and work your way up. If you’re not a pro athlete, opportunities won’t come a knocking so try to get jobs with local TV or radio stations and climb the ladder that way. It’s a great way to gain experience and be noticed by some of the larger broadcast networks. 

Strength & Conditioning Coach – Another Sports Related Job in the Fitness IndustryStrength & Conditioning Coach - Another Sports Related Job in the Fitness Industry

Average Salary: £24,590 Source: PayScale

Highest Salary: Unlimited! 

We spoke about personal trainers, but if you wanted to refine your talents you could become a Level 4 Personal Trainer, which would make you a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach.

This gives you specialist skills to work with professional athletes and help them get better at their sport. Improve their strength specifically for their sport or work on boosting their cardiovascular fitness. 

The world’s your oyster as you can take on loads of clients from different sports and make as much money as you like! Learn more about the best strength and conditioning careers

Sports Writer – For Passionate Writers Looking for a Sports Related Job.

Average Salary: £28,000 Source: Glassdoor

Highest Salary: Unlimited

If you love watching and commenting on sports but don’t want to be a broadcast journalist, then a sports writer could be the perfect job opportunity. It’s another of the sports-related jobs that requires no qualifications at all – you just need to be a good writer! 

You can earn a living working for publications or start your own block to put no ceiling on your earnings. Learn how to monetise your blog and there’s literally no limit on what you can take home every month. 

Sports Massage Therapist – Best Sports Related Jobs to stay in your Sport.

Career as a sports massage therapist as a sport related job

Average Salary: £37,653 Source: Glassdoor

Highest Salary: Unlimited!

How to become a sports massage therapist is one of our most common enquires from current professional and semi professional athletes looking to transition to new sports related jobs. Your first step is to complete our Level 3 Sports Massage Course.

You can begin with out Level 3 Sports Massage Course, which is Awarded by Active IQ and Ofqual approved, with no prior qualifications. This begins at entry level and there is no Level 1 or Level 2 course to complete first.

Becoming a sports massage therapist is another great sports related job which allows you to build your own business and achieve all the perks that come with running your business like working times and control of your own marketing. Whilst it is one of the best self employed ideas to get started with your business it also offers brilliant employment opportunities too.

For many of our learners looking for athlete jobs and a way to stay working with a job in sport this is a very popular choice. Most clubs and organisations will employ at least one sports massage therapist, if not several, making this a great option for a job in sport.

After graduating with your Level 3 Sports Massage Course you can move on to study our Level 4 Sports Massage course too, continuing your career development and growing your earning potential again.

Talent Scout

Average Salary: £26,900 Source: Talent.com

Highest Salary: £51,922 Source: Glassdoor

Talent scouts are core players in every sports institution. They go around spotting the next best athletes in the world for some of the biggest clubs. Most job posts in football would require at least an FA Level 1 in Talent ID Qualification or a Level 2 in Coaching Qualification. Other than that, if you can drive around and spot great athletes, the job is as good as yours! 

If. you are a current athlete then making this move into scouting within your own sport is a great way to secure sports related jobs within your own sport. You can utilise the knowledge you have gained as a player within the sport to help clubs sport future talent.

At the elite clubs round the world, these jobs hold a lot of responsibility to work with the sporting director and head of talent. This is an example of a job in sport that you can do as a full-time career in sport or a part-time sports related job.

Sports Nutritionist 

Average Salary: £36, 537 Source: Glassdoor

Highest Salary: Unlimited

A nutritionist doesn’t seem like a sports-related job, but it is a fantastic idea for sports enthusiasts. If you want to qualify from university then you can study a degree in nutrition. The timeframe for this study method will be about 4 years on a full-time basis.

You can however study accredited courses in the topic of nutrition that are shorter in length and will allow you to build your knowledge in sports nutrition. For example we offer a fully accredited course, Level 3 Nutrition for Sport & Exercise qualification. 

Salary earnings are unlimited as this can be a self-employed role with endless ways to make money, for example as a personal trainer who chooses to enhance their business by growing their knowledge in nutrition.  A sports nutritionist is a career with many different job roles making it a great sports related job.

Sports Photographer

Sports Related Jobs as a sports photographer

Average Salary: £36,972 Source: SalaryExpert

Highest Salary: Unlimited

Speaking of self employed sports related jobs, why don’t you combine a passion for photography with your love of sports? Sports photographers can earn decent pay and be contracted to specific sports clubs. Or, you can travel the world taking photos and selling them to publications for your own fee. 

The more you work, the more you’ll earn. Also, qualifications are rarely necessary – just ensure you know how to take the best sports photos! Whether you are a former athlete or you are a sports lover, this sports related job can be highly fulfilling and a highly paid job.


Statistician is one of the best jobs in sports

Average Salary: £65,649

Highest Salary: £117,076 Source: SalaryExpert

Becoming a sports statistician means you analyse lots of data and help athletes or institutions make sense of it. You may also use your skills to help broadcasters present stats during live coverage of events. It’s a complex job and you will need at least a Master’s in Mathematics and Statistics to land employment. 

But if you do, it has so much potential. You can easily land a role with a six-figure salary within a few years of doing this! 

This is one of the highest paid sports related jobs however comes with a requirement to attain Masters degree in Maths as a pre-requisite too.

Player Agent

Average Salary: £32,145 Source: Glassdoor

Highest Salary: Unlimited

Player agents represent professional athletes and help them secure contracts or brand deals. The biggest agents earn millions a year – it depends on how successful you are and how many clients you take on. 

Degrees related to law, business or marketing are recommended to help you get ahead of the game. Being an agent is all about who you know, so it pays to learn how to network effectively. 

This sports related job is another example of a career that can be created running your own business as a player agent. Therefore earnings are basically unlimited – some player agents that have supported some of the biggest stars in the world will themselves by multi-millionaires.

Sports Psychologist

Average Salary: £45,454

Highest Salary: £79,774 Source: SalaryExpert

Fancy a sports-related job that helps you understand the mindset of a professional athlete? Sports psychology is an excellent career, especially for ex-pros who want to forge a new path after competing. You will need a psychology degree plus a Masters that specialises in sports and exercise psychology. 

Entry-level jobs still pay above the national average wage while more experienced sports psychologists can earn up to £80,000 and possibly more. This is another highly paid sports related job that requires a degree.


Sports Related Jobs as a referee

Average Salary: £31,130 Source: Indeed

Highest Salary: £200,000 Source: GiveMeSport

Do you want to get as close to the action as possible without being a professional athlete? Jobs as referees or umpires are wonderful ideas for any sports fan out there. You must be ready to take a lot of flack – and there will be countless courses you must do to gain your qualifications depending on which sport you wish to referee. 

Some of the top refs in big sports – like football – go on to earn hundreds of thousands per year. If you ask us, that’s worth getting a bit of verbal abuse from the players every week or so! There has been a lot of discussion in professional sports about former players becoming referee’s to raise the standards so this might be one of sports related jobs that has a big increase in former athletes being involved in this career.

Gym Manager

sports related jobs as a gym manager

Average Salary: £29,511 Source: Glassdoor

Highest Salary: £52,581 Source: Indeed

Start your journey to gym management with a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification and then progress to gain your accredited personal trainer course qualification. It’s often a good idea to gain lots of other useful qualifications like Indoor Studio Cycling, and Level 3 Pre and Post Natal.

Gaining these additional qualifications will allow you to support the class timetable and the member activity in the gym.

Spend your days managing the gym and promoting it to gain more memberships. A background in marketing can help but isn’t essential. You can sometimes work as a personal trainer round about the gym manager job, making it a sports related job with a strong earnings potential.

PE Teacher

Average Salary: £30,000

Highest Salary: £47,000 Source: National Careers Service

Do you love sports-related jobs that help you teach others about the wonders of fitness and exercise? Maybe a PE Teacher role is perfect for you. You’ll need the correct teaching qualifications to get this but the good news is that these jobs are highly in demand. The more experienced you are, the more you’ll earn – and teachers have excellent holidays and benefits. 

Alternatively, you could undergo a Level 3 Fitness Education and Training Course to become a qualified tutor or assessor. It’s a similar job but outside the rigid school structure! 

Football Coach

Average Salary: £19,000 Source: National Careers Service

Highest Salary: Potentially Millions! 

Finally, you could consider a career as a football coach. It’s not the most glamorous when you’re starting out – and coaches at local clubs barely earn a living wage. However, if you climb through the ranks and earn your badges, you could land roles at massive sporting institutions. 

Imagine you get a job with a Premier League team and eventually become a head coach? You could potentially earn millions a year and be set for life. 

Key Takeaway

As you can see, there are tonnes of sports related jobs waiting for you to explore. Which one of these careers excites you the most? Think about your existing experience and qualifications, then make your decision. 

A lot of the best roles with unlimited earnings stem from becoming a personal trainer. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, chat to us today and we’ll help you pick the perfect course to get started.  

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