10 of the Best Gyms in Glasgow (Updated 2024)

You can find some of UK’s best gyms in Glasgow, it has a huge fitness scene, bustling with excellent personal trainers and gym owners.

The best gyms in Glasgow are a brilliant mix of local independent run gyms alongside the UKs favourite national brands.

Hitting a gym is not just a way to get fitter, but of course, engaging in strength training and cardiovascular exercises have a wide-ranging impact on our health and have been shown to improve mortality rates and reduce disease.

Beyond the physical focus though the best gyms in Glasgow understand that creating success is about building a thriving community amongst members.

So why should you join one of the best gyms in Glasgow? Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improved mental well-being: Regular exercise can boost psychological well-being, relieve stress, and reduce anxiety. 
  • Socialising: Gyms provide excellent opportunities to make friends, meet new people, and find workout buddies, which can be an excellent factor in motivation. 
  • Motivation: The presence of other people in the gym can be an excellent way to push ourselves during workouts, and having a gym membership can be an excellent way to maintain a regular exercise routine. 
  • Access to equipment and expertise: Gyms provide a wide range of fitness facilities, from the gym to specific classes and, of course, the support of personal trainers to provide tailored fitness programs based on a person’s needs. Some may focus on aesthetics, while others want to be more functional, and a gym can provide all of the resources to achieve this. 

In our list of the best gyms in Glasgow you will find many of Glasgow’s best personal trainers who work and run their own business from these gyms. In many of the top 10 best gyms in Glasgow will have at least one personal trainer who has graduated from The Fitness Group!

You may even want to think about becoming a personal trainer, it is one of the highest paid jobs in the UK today and in your quest to search for how much personal trainers make you will find that the average salary can sit somewhere in the region of £40k-£50k per year.

Gym Instructor Qualification

The Best Gyms in Glasgow

If you’re looking for the best gyms in Glasgow, here are the top of the pile:

Commando X-Fit Fitness – Best Gym in Glasgow for Bootcamps.

Commando X-Fit Fitness Best Gyms in Glasgow

Truly a gym for the modern individual, Commando X-Fit is focused on providing the best functional facilities to achieve personalised fitness goals. Commando X-Fit is part of a premier multi-sport, fitness, and social club based at Hughenden in the West End of Glasgow, offering sports facilities, a fitness suite, and a cafe. 

Providing a range of hard-hitting classes every day of the week, from team-based conditioning to abs, compound strength, and functional thickness, there is a class for all fitness levels and the diverse range of passionate personal trainers are there to help every ability achieve their specific goals. 

As many of the best gyms in Glasgow provide boot camps, Commando X-Fit goes one step further! Its 7-day Bootcamp caters for a range of fitness levels, where members undertake an adventure to Girona in Spain where two personal trainers and a private chef sculpt a new version of you! Membership options range from class-only membership to three tiers: bronze, silver, and gold, all with specific access levels.

Citypark Fitness – Best Gym in Glasgow for Female only Group PT.

A leading independent gym widely known for its amazing facilities and supportive environment, Citypark Fitness in Glasgow offers a variety of fitness packages, including gym memberships, one-to-one personal training and private female-only group training. 

There are a variety of membership options, including one-to-one personal training, private female-only group personal training, and gym memberships, all supported by their personal trainers who have all completed a minimum of a Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. 

The female-only group PT sessions are delivered in small groups, focusing on form, technique, and supporting progress in a goal-specific way with full gym access and complete nutrition support and guidance that encompasses a monthly food bible with 30 new recipes each month. Their wellness membership provides access to classes to aid mind and body, including Yin Yoga and Pilates. 

There is also the opportunity to download a free healthy recipe eBook, with over 200 different recipes, all registered on MyFitnessPal to guarantee easy tracking of macros. Priding themselves on flexible memberships and a person-centred approach to fitness, Citypark Fitness has something for everyone.

Everyday Athlete – Best Gym in Glasgow for CrossFit Community Vibes.

Everyday Athlete Best Gyms in Glasgow 

Everyday Athlete Gym in Glasgow is a community-driven fitness hub offering world-class coaching and a diverse range of classes, including Muay Thai boxing, CrossFit, and their custom bodybuilding program, known as Flex. Providing a personalised approach that mixes one-to-one training sessions with the dynamism of a group setting, Everyday Athlete prides itself on small group personal training programs with a variety of membership options, including one class or 10 class passes, group training, new member memberships, and unlimited memberships. 

Not content with being one of the best gyms in Glasgow, there’s also the opportunity to join the Everyday Athlete community online to work out with your preferred coaches on the road, at your local gym, or in your home. With unlimited access to 20 new workouts every week focusing on different aspects of fitness, including functional strength, mobility, and bodyweight training, there is a workout library with over 150 workout videos that will keep things fresh. 

Modern gyms can easily forget function and form, but Everyday Athlete pride themselves on form and programming over ego, their community-led approach to fitness has made it one of the best gyms in Glasgow.

Extreme Gym – Best Gym in Glasgow for Strength Training.

Extreme Gym best gyms in Glasgow

Extreme Gym is a well-known fitness facility offering the best possible training experience through commitment and state-of-the-art equipment. Based on Dornoch Street, Extreme Gym’s commitment to providing a top-notch training experience has resulted in expansion into other locations such as Livingston and East Kilbride. 

Boasting several personable and dedicated personal trainers, passion is at the forefront of their work ethic, they provide tailored training programs to meet your goals and give you a result-driven approach, with the opportunity to book a session with a personal trainer based on their philosophies and background. There are also a range of supplements available including pre-workout, proteins, amino acids, and much more to support your fitness and wellness journey. 

Training is a journey, which is why it’s so important to choose the right personal trainer, and as one of the best gyms in Glasgow, Extreme Gym is committed to helping you with every aspect of your lifestyle.

Space – Best Gym in Glasgow for a modern approach to health and wellness.

Space Best Gyms in Glasgow

As one of the newest wellness studios in Glasgow, Space, based on Napiershall Lane, provides a variety of fitness equipment and classes with tailor-made training to match your goals. The range of classes includes Warm and Yin Yoga, small group workouts (known as Team Hybrid, fostering that all-important camaraderie), functional strength through a variety of kettlebells and dumbbells. 

There are also adult and baby classes to ensure that even mums and dads who feel too busy to work out can bring their babies into the gym and get back into a regime alongside coaches who specialise in postnatal exercise, while introducing bodyweight and resistance training to match goals and fitness levels. 

With a variety of memberships on offer, they can only be bought via a convenient app which offers a whole range of excellent features to keep you focused on your workout goals including booking classes and a list of exercises. Focused on a modern approach to health and wellness, space in Glasgow can give you everything you need.

One of the co-owners, Amy Hill, also graduated and earned her personal training course qualification with us at The Fitness Group Education too!

David Lloyd – Best Gym in Glasgow for Premium Facilities and Families

The David Lloyd chain of gyms is a convenient and effective way to hit your fitness goals. If you’re looking for the best gym in Glasgow and David Lloyd is one you’re considering, it has three convenient locations across the city with a range of facilities and services. 

The David Lloyd Glasgow West End, situated near Dawsholm Park and on the Forth and Clyde Canal, provides an incredible gym, swimming and tennis facilities, a clubroom, and luxury spa facilities including an outdoor whirlpool. 

The David Lloyd Rouken Glen Club, located in the South West of the city, features an 18-hole golf course, a spa, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a state-of-the-art gym. 

The David Lloyd Glasgow Renfrew off the M8, offers relaxing spa facilities, a clubroom, a modern gym, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and swimming pools. 

With a variety of memberships to choose from, you get different levels of access to different facilities, while also having the opportunity to join as a family or a couple if you would prefer to work out with someone to keep yourself on track towards your fitness goals. 

Each gym provides a variety of functional training facilities, cable machines, free weights, as well as advanced cardio machines such as Wattbikes and Octane machines, not to mention a functional training playground called Synrgy360 which focuses on toning and strengthening the body, the facilities and equipment at David Lloyd Glasgow provide a comprehensive fitness experience under one roof. And there’s always the option for personal trainers who provide friendly encouragement to professional lawyers and are always on hand to assist you in achieving your individual fitness goals. 

With a variety of classes every week there are different sessions available to meet your needs, including a small group training program known as Delta that focuses on fundamental movements and exercises such as squats, power cleans, and deadlifts.

Village Gym – Best Gym with Spa Facilities at with Average Membership Price

Village Gym Best Gyms In Glasgow

The Village Gym Glasgow based in Ibrox and Kingston on Glasgow’s Southside offers a variety of facilities and services to guarantee an enjoyable fitness experience for all. Focused on building a fitness community, there are a whole heap of resources, from a gym to a heated swimming pool, a spa pool, a steam room, sauna, and classes where you can hit your fitness goals easily, including yoga, HIIT, and spinning classes.

What’s more, members can wind down after their workouts, either in the onsite Starbucks or in the Village Pub where there are a variety of meals on offer. 

Additionally, there are options to use the latest Technogym equipment with personalised training routines and motivation, as well as on-demand workouts from Les Mills and Village Gym classes by using the app.

Membership options provide as much flexibility as possible with off-peak options, corporate solutions, memberships for students, teenagers and young people, and a Black Card upgrade provides even more benefits.

SORELLA Strength – One of the best gyms in Glasgow for female fitness and functionality.

sorella strength - glasgows best gyms

 Focused on females, SORELLA Strength is another of the best gyms in Glasgow that offers a female group training service. Sorella offers a competitive strength and conditioning program along with full training and nutrition plans. The gym’s focus is on providing a welcoming and supportive environment where women can come together to better themselves, with the goal of self-improvement and personal growth without the pressures of competition. 

There are a variety of personal trainers offering one-to-one sessions, a selection of amazing classes, including conditioning, barbell strength, kettlebells, circuits, and group training known as Project Peach, which focuses on strength and compound movements in groups of five with roughly five exercises per class to improve strength and physique. 

What’s more, the SORELLA online tools include specific programming and nutrition with meal plan templates, community forums, lifting seminars and so much more. With different membership options, SORELLA Strength provides accessible and affordable Solutions to meet your fitness needs. Straying far away from the insular culture that many gyms are often guilty of, SORELLA is one of the best gyms in Glasgow that focuses on female fitness and functionality.

FLY Functional Fitness – Best Gyms in Glasgow for Mixed Group Training.

fly functional fitness best gyms in glasgow

Located on Hydepark Street, FLY is known for its modern and innovative approach to fitness. Offering a variety of classes such as Project Strength, Project Run and Project Burn, each one is tailored with an unparalleled approach to building the best version of you, providing specific regimes every week where participants have access to these sessions with different workout splits that are carefully balanced to ensure progression. Their timetable contains other event specific training, such as the Turf Games and Hyrox training

One of the biggest draws of FLY is its Recovery Room, with its very own recovery coach who practises a variety of methods to ensure you enhance your performance and recovery, including kinetic chain release work and Chinese cupping to help you stave off soreness.

Offering a variety of memberships with their own individual benefits including the 21-day Learn to Fly membership, you can get a variety of dedicated beginners classes, an individualised 21-day plan, a 1-2-1 consultation, and unlimited access to the classes for 21 days to see if it works for you.

Other tiered memberships come with their own benefits with a variety of classes per week, depending on what you’ve chosen. This makes Fly one of the best gyms in Glasgow for functional fitness support.

énergie Fitness – Best Gyms in Glasgow for a Budget Membership

energie fitness glasgow

Based on Boydstone Road in Thornliebank, énergie Fitness provides a variety of facilities to ensure everybody has a chance at improving their fitness levels. In addition to free weights, resistance equipment, cardio facilities, and a specialised functional area known as The Yard, the personal trainers offer a fun, welcoming, and dynamic approach to strength, cardio and so much more. 

With a variety of classes on offer, including Legs, Bums, and Tums, kettlebells, and Abs Blast, there is also a class to help learn the fundamentals of lifting weights to improve everybody’s confidence in the gym. In addition, there are opportunities to practise relaxing workouts, such as yoga and Pilates, including a 30-minute Sculpt and Stretch session that focuses on dynamic, low-impact stretching and strength work to improve flexibility and balance in the body. 

With three different membership plans, you have the option to choose the most appropriate payment plan for you. Each membership provides access to the énergie Fitness app that offers a range of features, including fitness goals, in-club challenges, and class schedules.

It’s one of the best gyms in Glasgow for a budget membership.

Summary of the Best Gyms in Glasgow

If you are looking for the best gyms in Glasgow, these are 10 of the best. It’s important to remember that when looking for a gym, there are a number of factors to bear in mind:

  • Location: Choosing a gym that is convenient to your home or workplace means you can incorporate your fitness regimes into your daily life without impacting your routine. For example Citypark Fitness is conveniently located in a business part in Dennistoun which means office workers can attend the gym during their lunch break or before or after work. 
  • Operating hours: Make sure their operating hours work with your schedule, rather than against it, so you can always turn up and do your best. With many of the best gyms in Glasgow they do not offer standard membership entry packages but only operate with personal trainers and group support. So if its a general membership you are after then look for one of the 10 top best gyms in Glasgow that offer this too.
  • Facilities and equipment: In addition to the variety of weights or cable machines, you need to look at the quality and the quantity of the equipment based on the volume of members so it meets your workout needs. Most of the gyms also have plate loaded machines too and the very latest functional equipment. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Ensuring that the gym is hygienic and the equipment is well maintained can ensure a far more effective workout environment. 
  • Atmosphere and staff: It’s always worth seeing how professional friendly and helpful the staff are to ensure a comfortable and supportive environment to work towards your goals. 
  • Membership flexibility: Flexible membership plans, rewards for loyalty, and extra perks can always make for a great reason to keep hitting the gym. 
  • The additional features: Features such as group classes, personal training, pool access, as well as things like parking can all make a big difference.

When it comes to the best gyms in Glasgow, these are the top of the pile. It’s always essential to make sure that you start your workout journey in the right environment. A gym can not just be a place for you to get fit and healthy but can be a home away from home with an incredibly supportive and nurturing environment. Put simply, choosing one of the best gyms in Glasgow could be the best decision you will ever make.

How to Become a Personal Trainer from the Best Gyms in Glasgow

Your first step on your journey of how to become a personal trainer and work from one of the best gyms in Glasgow is to study your Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course qualification. There is no Level 1 personal trainer qualification and you can begin your career to becoming a personal trainer at Level 2.

We offer a combined Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma – this personal training course combines Level 2 and Level 3 personal training so you can study and graduate as a personal trainer with no prior qualifications.

In terms of study methods you can choose to study in person with one of our face to face courses, like our Glasgow Personal Training Courses. For our Glasgow in person courses they are held at Citypark Fitness (one of the best gyms in Glasgow on the list!). You attend the venue for 5 weeks in person and complete our course with one of our expert tutors.

If however you don’t have 5 weeks available you can study our online personal training course. This gives you complete flexibility and the opportunity to study at your own pace with no deadlines. Throughout your journey you will receive uncapped tutor support and you will still graduate with the same internationally recognised Level 3 Personal Training Course qualification.

And while you’re here, if you’re ever a little further south and found yourself in these cities, check out these best gyms in Manchester and Derby.

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