7 Best Gyms in Derby (Updated 2024)

Best Gyms in Derby

The best gyms in Derby provide a variety of amazing features to ensure you get on the path to health and wellness. We all know we should be hitting the gym to benefit our fitness and strength levels, but it’s so important to find the right gym that suits you

What to Features to Look for in the Best Gyms in Derby

If you are looking for the best gyms in Derby, we’ve got seven amazing ones to try out, but you should also remember that when you are looking for the perfect gym, bear some of the following things in mind:

The right location

You should choose a gym that is convenient to where you are, either at home or your workplace so you can incorporate a manageable fitness regime into every aspect of your daily life without it overwhelming you. The best gyms in Derby are located all over the city so look for one that you can travel to close to your home or your workplace.

Personal Trainer Expertise

For can expect to pay around £30-£60 per session for a personal trainer in Derby. Although the cost of a personal trainer is significantly higher than your gym membership, having the right personal trainer supporting you can make all the difference in long term exercise adherence and achieving your goals. You want to ensure that you look for a personal trainer that holds a minimum of a Level 3 Personal Training Course qualification.

Depending on your goals may even want to look for a personal trainer that holds specialist skills and knowledge. For example if you are returning to exercise post pregnancy then it is vital that you look for a personal trainer that is qualified and completed a Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Course.

If you an advanced athlete or you want to specifically focus on strength and conditioning then look for a PT that holds a Level 4 Personal Training Course that focuses on Strength and Conditioning like ours at The Fitness Group.

If you have been referred from the GP or heathcare professional then its important that your gym has instructors or personal trainers that are qualified in Level 3 Exercise Referral.

Opening Hours

Appropriate operating hours: Making sure they are open at times that work with your timetable can make a massive difference in your ability to adhere to workout routines. Not everybody can hit the gym in the middle of the day, and therefore choosing the best gyms in Derby that work alongside your weekly structure can make a massive difference.

Cleanliness and maintenance of equipment

Gyms are places where people go to sweat and therefore, we should make sure that the gym is hygienic and the equipment is well maintained, which can mean a far better workout environment for you.

The quality and quantity of the equipment

A gym can have many different members, therefore we don’t want to spend our time waiting for our turn on the cable fly, especially if we’re on a tight schedule. There should be a variety of equipment to ensure that you are able to complete your workout with ease.

Great members of staff and the best personal trainers for you

Working out to get fit and healthy should be about doing it in a supportive and comfortable environment to help you work towards your goals. Helpful staff and professional personal trainers who work with you can make attaining those goals a pleasure, rather than a chore.

Flexibility with membership plans

Sometimes life gets in the way and we need to find different ways to keep fit, even if this means taking a break from the gym for a while. Flexible membership plans can be invaluable when we’re doing our best to keep fit within a budget.

Group Exercise and Community

Group classes, one-to-one personal training, swimming pools, and even the bare basics like accessible parking can all work to make your gym experience easier.

The 7 Best Gyms in Derby:

If you are looking for an unprecedented workout experience and a gym that meets your needs in every way, here are the 7 best gyms in Derby to check out:

Everlast Gym Derby – One of the Best Gyms in Derby

best gyms in derby everlast gym

Located at Pride Park, Everlast Gym offers a comprehensive fitness experience with the latest equipment, fitness classes, and personal training services you need. The facilities include a resistance area and functional training space, as well as free weights, a swimming pool, and a variety of changing facilities for both males and females. You’ll be able to training everything here from strength and bodybuilding to Hyrox training

Classes span from Zumba to yoga, Legs, Bums, and Tums, as well as HIIT, and a whole range of functional training solutions to meet your needs. Their personal trainers are friendly, knowledgeable, and committed to helping members find the courage and commitment to hit their fitness objectives which can be booked via the Everlast Gyms app. 

As part of its “greatness within” ethos, there are a number of affordable memberships with different tiers, including the option to get a free three-day pass with full access to gyms, group training, and pool areas.

David Lloyds – Premium Best Gym in Derby for Total Wellness and Family

PureGym Derby – Best Budget Gym in Derby

best gyms in derby - pure gym derby

A widely known chain of gyms, with the UK’s leading number of facilites, PureGym is one of the best gyms in Derby because of its variety of convenient and affordable fitness options. Open 24/7 and based in different locations including the Derbion Shopping Centre, Kingsway Retail Park, and the upcoming Derby Meteor Centre, PureGym can help people hit their fitness goals in the most convenient ways. 

With flexible membership options including off-peak and student gym memberships available, PureGym prides itself on the low-cost, no-contract ethos. Offering a variety of free weights, cables, resistance machines, and so much more, as well as a variety of fitness classes including women’s weightlifting workshops, Absolute abs, HIIT and so much more, as well as qualified personal trainers who work with you to meet your specific goals, PureGym may be a franchise, but there’s a reason why it’s so popular!

The Fitness Mill

The Fitness Mill Derby is known for its community feel and is thoroughly welcoming to individuals of all fitness levels. The gym provides a spacious environment with a wide range of dedicated fitness zones and equipment for resistance training, cardio, free weights, as well as various classes. From Fight Club to Booty Camp, Boxing Blitz, circuits, and mood-lifting high-intensity workouts there’s something for everyone, and with expert personal trainers who can tailor their program around your fitness needs in a spacious setting, there’s no reason you can’t smash your PBs.

Not content with providing a place to meet your fitness goals, members can also benefit from modern amenities, such as connecting to Spotify or even watching Netflix while working out, so you’ll always hit those last few reps with relative ease. The Fitness Mill also provides Gold Standard Nutrition (GSN) Pot of Gold ready meals for pre or post-training nutrition, including high protein easy-to-store meals as well as no carb, sugar-free energy drink Nocco to maintain muscle function and reduce fatigue.

With a variety of flexible and fixed memberships for children, NHS staff, school staff members, and more, including 12 and 24-month, and even 10-year upfront memberships (for a hugely discounted price of £999 upfront) that will get you a whole decade of unlimited gym classes, 10 30-minute personal training sessions, and so much more, including access to the Fitness Mill app to manage fitness goals, check-in, and book classes.

Derby Fitness Hub

Located in the heart of Derby, Derby Fitness Hub was started by Pete Swaile in 2010, and prides itself on personalised approaches to strength and conditioning. With a client-centred ethos, the Derby Fitness Hub offers one-to-one personal training and strength conditioning services which you can purchase in groups of five, 10, or just on their own. 

Additionally, there are sessions called Profiling for Sports Performance, helping people get an understanding of their initial performance levels through a number of metrics, including peak power, strength, and more, with a bespoke training program based on the outcomes as well as online remote coaching ensuring you can hit your fitness goals wherever you are. Classes are focused on strength and conditioning and include an Intro to Strength and Conditioning class to help people increase their confidence and gain new skills in the gym environment. 

Instead of typical membership options, Derby Fitness focuses on purchasing a pack of classes at once. Options for the strength and conditioning classes can be six sessions in six weeks for £60, 12 sessions in six weeks for £110, or a single pass for £12.50 with time limits to use the sessions depending on their type, allowing for a degree of flexibility.

Nuffield Health

nuffield derby one of the best gyms in derby

If you’re looking for one of the best gyms in Derby, Nuffield Health is a facility that may not necessarily come to mind however the Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym on Nottingham Road provides a great fitness facility that ensures you look after your health and wellness. 

The gym offers a huge range of classes and access to on-site experts including physiotherapists and personal trainers, as well as a range of amenities, including a sauna, steam room, swimming pool, and a junior activity timetable for the younger members of the family, Nuffield Health in Derby Focuses on catering to all ages and abilities. 

There are a great selection of classes on offer, including BODYATTACK™ (an intense 55 minutes sports-inspired cardio workout), yoga, Legs, Bums, and Tums, Group Cycle (an intense group exercise class on a stationary bike) NuCycle (a group cycling experience), kettlebells, a Swimfit workout, as well as junior fitness classes for youngsters between 8 and 10. The gym provides a welcoming environment that always results in an exceptional fitness experience.

A modern gym for modern people, the Nuffield Health experience also includes a créche so you can make the most out of your workout while keeping the kids entertained, as well as their NuKitchen offering a selection of foods and drinks to help everybody perform at their best. Membership options include an off-peak commitment as well as an anytime membership providing you access to the range of classes and facilities.

If you are looking for the best gyms in Derby, Nuffield Health is built on the organisation’s dedication to health and wellness. Exercise should be a key part of our lives, but it should also be fun, which is why the Nuffield Health experience is an excellent solution for adults and children alike looking to improve their fitness levels.

LivingWell Health Club East Midlands

Based at The Hilton East Midlands Airport Hotel, LivingWell Health is a popular fitness facility in Derby and offers a range of facilities to meet all fitness needs, including cardio machines, resistance devices, free weights, as well as a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi. 

The club offers a variety of membership options including a standard flexible membership with access to all club facilities, an off-peak membership with access to the club during specific times of the day, as well as child membership for children aged three to 15 for the swimming pool.

Summary of the Best Gyms in Derby

If you’re looking for the best gyms in Derby it’s hard to beat these. Some people are on the fence about choosing a gym but while there’s a variety of ways to get fit and healthy there are a number of key benefits of getting a gym membership: 

  • A wide range of equipment and professional support: Gyms are the best place for you to find the right equipment to meet your physical needs. Whether it’s kettlebells and barbells for functional fitness training or you need a personal trainer to give you a tailored fitness program based on your goals, a gym offers all of these resources. 
  • The motivation factor: Having other people in a group workout or a class can be an excellent way to instil some healthy competition or motivation to get those last few reps. 
  • The social factor: Gyms are places with people all looking to do the same thing: to improve themselves. Gyms are an amazing place for you to meet new people and, more importantly, find workout buddies. 
  • It improves your sense of self: The endorphins exercise creates has a positive effect on who you are. Many people start out in a gym thinking that they won’t see the benefits until later in life but the benefits of exercise can be felt in a matter of days! For people who experience high volumes of stress and anxiety in their lives, a gym provides an outlet for all the pent-up frustrations and improves blood flow, as well as physical strength, which has positive effects on how we feel about ourselves.

The best gyms in Derby are a place for you to not just get fit and healthy, but have an amazing time while you are there. If you’re ever up in the north west, check out these best gyms in Manchester and further afield in Glasgow

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